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Arsenic Removal

Principal Investigator: Dr. Tom Davis

UTEP is investigating a promising water treatment approach for desalination of brackish water with a high level of TDS (approximately 12,000 mg/L) that contains arsenic, radium, along with high levels of chloride and sulfate. Conventional methods such as lime softening, coagulation-flocculation, and reverse osmosis are one potential treatment approach. UTEP will evaluate a novel treatment process that offers the potential for efficient recovery of water (95% of raw water as treated water) and significantly reduced volumes of waste streams.

Another project involving arsenic is with the improvement of current technology to remove arsenic from drinking water using ion exchange resins. These resins are able to remove arsenic and be regenerated with a concentrated solution of sodium chloride. UTEP is evaluating a technique to remove the arsenic from this concentrated solution. This would allow reuse of the solution for several regenerations. UTEP has a patent pending for this concept.


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