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John Walton, PhD

john walton
Professor-Civil Engineering

Engineering/Science Complex
Engineering Bldg., Room A216

Dr. Walton has a main focus in hydrology, but also has experience in contaminant transport, Environmental remediation, Desalination, Materials performance, and Waste disposal technology. Within Hydrology, Dr. John Walton has researched the influence of topography and solar radiation on plant communities, contamination and recovery of river ecosystems, as well as surface and ground water interactions as they influence water quality. He has used Mathematical modeling of saturated and unsaturated flow; flow around and through waste disposal facilities. Dr. John Walton has been part of monitoring, chemical analysis, and modeling of lake chemistry. In the area of desalination he has dealt with: membrane treatment of brackish water, management of concentrates produced from desalination, and membrane distillation using solar energy.

Dr. Walton's research includes: El Paso flooding, Rainwater Capture and Harvesting, and Ecology.

Project involvement includes:

  • Desalination Coupled with Salinity Gradient Solar Ponds
  • UTEP Salinity Gradient Solar Pond
  • Rio Grande Surface and Groundwater Interaction
  • Multivariate Statistical Fortymile Wash
  • Models for Estimation of Service Life of Concrete Barriers
  • Factors Affecting Risk Predictions: Proposed Rule and Other Risk Metrics
  • Desert Vegetation and Timing of Solar Radiation
  • El Paso Flooding
  • Rainwater Capture and Harvesting

The University of Texas at
El Paso
Kelly Hall, Room 208
500 W. University Ave
El Paso, TX 79968