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Equipment & Facilities

CIDS has an outstanding array of capabilities through acquisition of facilities to forward research. In addition, CIDS has access to numerous major research instruments through partnerships with other UTEP departments. An added benefit is that CIDS has access to the testing facilities that exist at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Desalination Plant.

Located in UTEP's Engineering building, CIDS has 1600+ square feet of functioning laboratory space. These laboratories are currently being utilized by graduate students researching arsenic removal, electrodialysis, and other desalination research. Capabilities include basic water analysis (e.g. pH, conductivity, turbidity, colorimetric methods), ion chromatography analysis, UV-vis spectrometry, ICP-OES, TOC, fume hoods, and others being developed.

CIDS has several pilot units available for desalination experiments. These are available for contract research or lease agreements. Mobile equipment ranges from 0.2-0.5 gallon per minute product water to 10-40 gallon per minute product water an include ultrafiltration, electrodialysis, and reverse osmosis technologies.

Please contact us for information on collaborations and leasing options.


The University of Texas at
El Paso
Kelly Hall, Room 208
500 W. University Ave
El Paso, TX 79968